Today’s waste, tomorrow’s raw material.

Performing and scalable raw materials for ingredients manufacturing


Hub.cycle: your trusted sourcing partner

As external support for your R&D, and purchasing departments, we feed your teams with innovative and differentiating raw materials.

We challenge each parameter that could accelerate your time to market: raw material availability, scalability, reproducibility, quality and documentation. We provide representative samples, to quickly do some trials.

In the meantime, you can focus on your core business.

With more than 180 items in our growing database, we aim to quicken your innovations while easing your supply and helping you focus on production.

Our Product Categories

All the below mentioned products are part of our free selection. You can consult the Spotting Sheet and get access to samples upon request.


Targeted compounds.

We focus on the process leading to highly concentrated side-streams, that can be turned then into strategic raw materials for your ingredient production.
We’re talking about actives for your herbal extracts, volatiles compounds for FTNF flavours or perfumes, fibres for texturizer, pigments for colour, anti-oxidants, emulsifiers, colors, and a lot more.



We map, spot, and select resources of a new kind. We then provide such sustainable solutions to your R&D team.

Our innovative approach is based on our phytochemistry, ingredients marketing, and industrial processes knowledge.

Thanks to that expertise, we inspire your teams with unseen,high-potential, and ready-to-use products.


Time-saving process.

As external support, we find for you specific plant parts existing as by-products.
Our target is to find the raw materials that will ease your production line by avoiding a maximum of transformation steps.
As a result, you save time among production steps, become more competitive, and increase your production capacity.



Because there are not many things more competitive than by-products, the value for money is unbeatable: upcycled raw material is usually 30% cheaper than a standard supply.
You’ll also benefit from the transaction because you use raw materials with a true story, thus the ingredient is straightly more valuable.

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