Upcycling innovation, competitive ingredients.

Cutting edge innovation, 100% upcycled.

Upcycled ingredients support your innovation.

To help your company in its development with upcycled raw materials and ingredients, we have designed 3 offers to support your R&D, marketing & procurement departments.


Access the biggest plant-based upcycled raw materials database.


Tailored by-products sourcing.


Upcycled raw material & ingredient with guaranteed quality.


Innovation, Supply, Impact.

Disruptive solutions

From the farm to our plate, half of the plant products are wasted. It’s about time we explore this huge pond of sustainable innovation.
Hub.cycle maps, spots, selects, and provides access to these new kinds of resources. And feeds your R&D with viable and continual solutions.
We master phytochemistry and industrial processes to inspire you with unseen and ready-to-use raw materials and upcycled products.

Procure solutions

Matching your standards, Hub.cycle supplies by-products and guarantees their quality.
We’re also committed to ensuring transparency and traceability at all stages. Our ingredients have several advantages: they bring more value to your final products with sustainability claims, they save you time while being cheaper than more conventional resources.
In addition to this, we’ve developed internal processes specifically for side-streams risk management.

Change solutions

To change people’s mindset, what is better than putting a value on a waste?
Since we have shown that it’s doable for almost every side-stream, we feel the whole system should concentrate their supply on side-streams and stress this in their communication.
Hub.cycle provides resources saving data to help you claim your sustainable practices to consumer’s rising expectations .


Access to deposit characteristics and available samples, to screen and test quickly more than 200 upcycled raw materials.

  • Where it fits
  • Sourcing side-streams is a cultural shift, and a whole new dimension in procurement. Inspire is a proactive R&D and Marketing service which introduce to this new universe. Here, Hub.cycle continuously feed your teams with unexpected, sustainable and competitive innovations.

  • How it works
  • We spot, assess and propose innovative resources every weeks to match & create trends. An exhaustive list of all assessed deposits is available for free. Depending on your need, a full package will give you access to all Spotting Sheets, all samples, and a year of side-streams surveil. You can also unlock a single category, or a single product. A free selection is available to allow you to test us.

  • What you get
    • Spotting Sheets: an exclusive document used to introduce a new resource and its scalability by summarising all critical information.
    • Representative samples: available from different batches to accelerate your R&D pace.
    • Support: technical documentation built on demand to sustain your rythme for scale up.


    Deposit research according to your brief. Receive several samples and choose with ease the best deposit.

    • Where it fits
    • Explore is a tailored & reactive sourcing mission, focused on unused side-streams. Here, R&D, sourcing and procurement departments can ask us to confidentially search for strategical resources to match future trends.

    • How it works
    • Together, we create a tailored brief to express your targets. Then, Hub.cycle combines manufacturing processes & phytochemistry knowledge to seek, find, and deliver scalable samples, fitting your needs. We only invoice when the matching sample is delivered.

    • What you get
      • Exclusive Spotting Sheet
      • Exclusive representative samples
      • Dedicated support : technical documentation built on demand to sustain your rythme for scale up.


      Creation of a tailored supply chain with product quality guaranteed and personalised supply.

      • Where it fits
      • Supply starts with the first industrial orders. Hub.cycle delivers upcycled raw materials & ingredients with zero compromises on quality and risk management. Our aim is to prove that unused resources can satisfy the most demanding specifications, and thus, become the new standard for industrial supply chains.

      • How it works
      • Prior to first orders, we create with your quality department all specifications and product information packs that will match your standards. Then we build a tailored agreement with your procurement team, to define particular conditions and engage a supplying routine.

      • What you get
        • Products: with our guaranty on quality
        • Pre-shipment samples: available for all orders
        • Exclusivity: on-demand, just ask for it

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