We turn today’s
waste into tomorrow’s

Our mission: leverage highly valuable
side-streams on a large scale in the
agri-food and cosmetics industries.


Providing solutions through
upcycled side-streams

Do you know how many tons of usable raw materials production lines discard every day? The answer is generally half of the amount of materials going in (e.g. peels, pulp extracts, cooking water…)

This is an unsustainable equation, it needs to be rebalanced. The good news is we, at Hubcycle, have been working hard to find a solution. The other good news is that it’s profitable: for you, for us, for consumers and for the planet.

A supplier of upcycled ingredients

There is a tried and tested solution when working with side-streams on an industrial scale: by identifying and recovering waste in one industry, you can turn it into raw materials in another while reducing your costs and environmental footprint.

300 deposits, 100 ingredients within 30 categories

We have (or will find) the ingredient you need as well as the means to add value to it.

150,000 tons of competitive and efficient ingredients await you

Each additional kilogram of Hubcycle ingredients represents an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions, land usage, waste of labor and water consumption… All while being competitive!

There’s no such thing as waste in nature.

Where you see a by-product, we see an ingredient.

Through identification, processes, logistics, quality monitoring, reports… We will work with you from start to finish to create a responsible and profitable upcycled ingredient production chain.

A change in perspective is essential.

Our work involves stepping sideways to explore roads less travelled and integrate side-streams into high value applications.
Here is Hubcycle founder Julien explaining our vision.