We turn today’s
waste into tomorrow’s ingredients.

Our mission: leverage highly valuable
side-streams on a large scale in the
agri-food and cosmetics industries.


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There’s no such thing as waste
in nature.

On the other hand, our current consumption system wastes 50% of used plant resources, including 20% in the agri-food industry alone.

We need to meet all of our food requirements yet we do not have infinite resources. Waste generates overconsumption, which leads to overproduction: it is a fundamentally unbalanced equation. Solving it requires a change of system.

To adjust our industrial system to the planet’s limits, we need to learn to do more with what we already have –if not with less– without compromising on the quality of raw materials, ingredients or finished products.

The solution lies in a change of perspective: it all comes down to molecules.

Every food product is a recipe involving a mixture of ingredients, themselves derived from raw materials. Each raw material –each fruit, each vegetable, each plant– is the result of millions of years of evolution. It took centuries of improvements and many years of work with nature to get hold of these precious molecules.

In essence, all of what we call “raw materials” is a source of infinite wealth.

At Hubcycle, we acknowledge the full potential of natural resources. Where there is waste, we see answers to your needs. Our job is to add value to side-streams on a large scale in the agri-food and cosmetics industries.

Hand in hand, we help you bring things full circle to balance the equation.
We turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s ingredients.

We have the ingredient you are looking for, the perfect molecular assembly for your needs. We will upcycle anything which is good, natural and healthy so that the industry will eventually only take what is necessary from nature.

Each additional kilogram of Hubcycle ingredients represents an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions, land usage, waste of labor and water consumption. On a per ton basis, that quickly amounts to a lot.

It certainly is a daunting task. The good news is we have already worked hard on it. The other good news is that it is profitable: for you, for us, for consumers and for the planet.

The industry today has to become more efficient. And that means everyone working as a team, as players in the production chain.

Throwing away is no longer an inevitability, upcycling has now become a necessity.

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