When responsibility
meets competitiveness.

Our ingredients are as effective
as they are virtuous… and cheaper.


Cost effective, Competitive, Innovative.

Our ingredients are full of advantages. And the (upcycled) cherry on the cake is they benefit the whole chain: suppliers, manufacturers, customers, planet.

Our ingredients are 20% cheaper, we repurchase by-products at up to 10 times higher prices than standard valuations (feeding, anaerobic digestion, composting).

For our customers

Portfolio: ready-to-formulate ingredients

A range of easy to handle innovative and high-performance ingredients developed from left-overs.

Explore: creating your tailor-made ingredient

A list of more than 300 side-streams that we already identified. There is inevitably someone who is throwing away what you deeply need and we probably already spotted it here. If not, we will find it for you. Based on your brief, we spot the right side-stream deposit and turn it into the ingredient matching your needs.

For the best ingredients…
Follow our lead!

When it comes to helping you make
the most of what nature has to offer,
we don’t beat around the bush.
There are only 5 steps.

Step 1: Characterizing the source

We select usable side-streams at your scale. Hubcycle checks for sustainability, reproducibility, and security of supply.

Step 2: Ensuring quality

We provide quality control in accordance with the specific requirements of each project, based on its specifications, our expertise and your business knowledge.

Step 3: Ingredient formulation

We coordinate a network of partners to offer customized ingredients and accompany you in the implementation of this formulation.

Step 4: Positioning and promoting benefits

We advise you on a selection of ingredients best suited for your projects and assist you with the promotion of the customer benefits they generate.

Step 5: Adapting the supply chain management

Packaging, stabilization, supply frequency… We adjust your logistics flow to seamlessly reach industrial scale.

Is it too good to be true?

Believe us, it’s more complicated than it sounds. But after many years of hard work, our accumulated experience and successes have made us confident in our method. Your customers and the planet will thank you for it.