Today's waste, tomorrow's ingredients.

The leading hub, for plant based upcycling


The missing hub.

Where food waste becomes strategic & sexy assets for the market.

We believe that what is wasted by one industry can be valuable for another.
That’s why Hub.cycle closes the gap between industries that do not use the same part of a fruit, a vegetable, or a plant.

We help the world to move forwards a more sustainable system.


No value for you, source of innovation for others.

At Hubcycle, we track each type of plant-based waste and select only the highly valuable side-streams in them, to be reused rather than disposed of.
Then, we convert them into new, sustainable, and sexy raw materials for personal care and food ingredient manufacturing.

We help our customers to find solutions, from vegetal waste valorization to sustainable and innovative supply solutions.

Turn my waste into value

Every food and cosmetic production chain using vegetals produce secondary materials.

Discover our upcycled ressources

Unseen & competitive solutions to develop natural and clean label food and personal care products.

150,000 Tons

We’ve already identified 150 000 tons of valuable side-streams, ready to be turned into upcycled ingredients.

To do so, our team already mapped more than 40 types of factories, analyzed 400 strategic resources, and selected 200 scalable raw materials.

This is our environmental concrete impact, and the best is yet to come.


Hubcycle's approach focuses on plant-based wastes generated by food processing.


Every single of our products has a potential and offers an opportunity for industries to move towards a more sustainable future: reduce resource waste, avoid using new resources.


Also, we support companies in increasing the value of their primary resources and their use. A virtuous circle!

They chose to work with us

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